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Feb. 25, 2021

Visuals from Episode 9: Hell and Back

Visuals from Episode 9: Hell and Back

Andrew and I wanted to start off by saying Thank you to everyone who reached out and shared their love and support for Andrew, Dani, and his story. We are so thankful for all of you that shared this episode as well!

Episode 9: Hell and Back


"A friend interviewed me recently on the subject of mental health for a podcast she started in January. I am no therapist and I’ve had many hard times in life, but I’ve come to see life a bit differently through it, but for the better, I believe. We will all have our valleys and mountains to climb, suffering and pain, heartache and loss. But we all have the opportunity to be strengthened in character, mind and heart through our hardships. Suffering however painful, has become beautiful and I wouldn’t trade my life for an easier one, because of who I’ve become. It’s some of my story and struggles if ya feel like giving it a listen, or know someone wrestling with their mind feel free to share. Just hoping people see that it’s ok to be to not be ok, to be open and vulnerable. But most importantly to ask for help and to get those thoughts out of our minds. We are made to heal through relationships and some burdens can’t be carried alone. Don’t wait till your thoughts worsen, please speak your mind now.. If you feel you can’t trust anyone with those thoughts, listen to my story.. and perhaps you will see me as trustworthy.. don’t hesitate to reach out to me"

-- Andrew Mainville #EndTheAnguish


In Episode 9: Hell and Back, We talk about a table that was made by Andrew and his friends. Below are photos of how that came about:

Andrew and my husband have been friends for a long time and he asked Jeremy to draw some concepts that he was looking to have on his table. Both drawings below are drawn by Jeremy Hurteau. Back when they were all working on this table, I was not fully acquainted with Andrew yet, but because I was seeing Jeremy at the time, I got to vicariously watch this table come to fruition via photos and drawings. I actually remember a date that Jeremy and I had where we were just drawing and he was actually drawing that skull in the concept stage, while I was drawing a lion. It is one of my many favorite memories with my husband. 


Andrew wood burned and painted those images on his table.

If you look closely at the image below with the tower, you may find a man sitting there and that is Andrew. He had his mom add a personal touch to his table by painting an image of Andrew on the ledge. 


All of his friends contributed in some way, shape, or form and even signed the table. 


In Episode 9: Hell and Back, When Andrew encounters the bear this is a photo he took from that night:



In Episode 9: Hell and Back, We talk about how Andrew was spending time with family, while the cops were investigating a drug bust.

Remember when Andrew said that he saved a reminder for a specific date, that basically told him if he didn't work on getting the help that he needed or he would go to jail. Here is the paper clipping he saved of that date:


In Episode 9: Hell and Back, Andrew read his tribute poem to his sister, Danielle 'Dani' Baldwin:

Danielle 'Dani Wafflez' Baldwin
11/16/93 – 09/21/20
You can find the poem on his blog/website:

If anyone is reading this and needs someone to talk to, please feel free to reach out to us or anyone that you feel can trust. If you do not have that support system:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: Available 24 hours. 

+1 800-273-8255