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Real, raw, and empowering โœจ

I cannot recommend this podcast enough! Brieโ€™s approach to really heavy topics with lots of complexities and nuance is made simple and accessible with her heart-centered soul mission. As a listener, you literally get a front row seat to self-discovery as you hear her walk through the processes oโ€ฆ


Brie is such a genuine soul, and listening to her story was incredibly inspiring and powerful. Each week is something new and exciting! Listening to guests talk about mental health, starting a business, shifting your mindset, it truly is a weekly refresher. I love listening and working with Brie whโ€ฆ

Brie is amazing!!

I had the honor of being on Brieโ€™s Podcast and she is amazing! I absolutely love her energy and how willing she is to dive into issues that really matter! I have since listened to several other episodes and love them! Definitely a podcast you want to tune in and subscribe too!

I love Brie!โค๏ธ

I have not only been a guest on this podcast, but I have listened to every single episode. I love the atmosphere and topics that Brie provides. She is such a genuine and caring person. She has such a big mission in life and I feel grateful to walk that path with her. She is an inspiration. She has โ€ฆ