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Feb. 13, 2021

I found a counselor

I found a counselor

Ever since I started a blog, I have had this idea that I will get to share exciting news and tell everyone that I am finally pregnant. Unfortunately, this post is not it, but I do have faith it will come.

In the meantime, I found a counselor-- I am excited for our path ahead because it is time to face obstacles that I was avoiding. Maybe, this is another element of life that I needed and just didn't realize. I am hoping that fitness, counseling, and podcasting are all of the tools needed to help me learn, clear myself of stresses, and help build the foundation needed to be prepared for what life has in store.

I know I always bring up the future and don't really touch on the present, but I have been making sure to live in the present more as well. By the time I go to write about it, it is already in the past. This weekend was a switch up for us compared to the past few weekends. Normally we are out adventuring in some way, but this weekend it has been sleeting and we do not have the proper attire to go hiking. They also don't have as many plows here like they do in the north country. So, the roads close by are not the best. I don't think it has been bad though, because it gave us some time to take a break from the busy side of life and to enjoy some time taking a breather. For those of you that know Jeremy, it is not easy for him to take a moment to hang out and "chill". Don't be fooled, he is missing being on the go and we will probably end up going for a ride or some form of getting out. He cracks me up.

Anyway, I am going to get back to it. Be sure to join me this Wednesday on The Brie Pod, they're new episodes every Wednesday, and If you haven't already go back to my home page and check them all out! 

- Brie (Bre) (Bri)