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Jan. 26, 2021

Making it my mission

Making it my mission

"I am most alive among the tall trees"

My husband and I have always been the outdoorsy type -- where if we are not working, we are out exploring. We have tried to explore as much as we can because we never knew how long we would be in a state/area for his work. We currently live in a hotel and travel all over the United States. We generally stay in one spot for a few months, all depending on the project.

When Covid hit, we were actually in Hawaii on vacation. At that point in time Hawaii was "doing business as usual", so masks and regulations were not in place yet. We did our best to keep a distance but also tried to enjoy this new experience. We spent less time in the city and more time on the north side by the food trucks. When we came "home", which was a Home 2 at that time, we came back to panic and grocery stores with empty shelves. 

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At that time, I thought that I wouldn't fall into fear, but I think it subtly crept in as time went on. As days turned into months of the pandemic, I found myself becoming more reclusive.  What I failed to notice is that I neglected my health and fitness. I fell into the trap of excuses and let Covid be one of them. Don't get me wrong, I would go for a walk and lift weights here and there, but it was far from the fitness training I was doing when I had a trainer. 

The downfall is that it took me so long to recognize that I was neglecting myself. Until a few weeks ago, I had a meeting/pre-recording with Devin for her podcast episode. In her episode, you will learn how we became friends and will find that she has always been very supportive of me and an advocate of my mental health. So, as I was interviewing her and hearing her story, I started to see that I actually let my own power go. I thought with my career, my relationship, and my fertility journey that I was keeping my power close, but the deeper she shared her story-- the more I found that I lost the part of me that LOVES hiking and weight lifting. I put it on the back burner. Now, her story goes further than fitness, but I wanted to share this to urge you to listen to her episode tomorrow(Episode 5: Take your power back!). Taking your power back is so important for your wellness as a whole. You may be wondering what that means, but when you hear her episode, you will see what I am referring to. 

In Episode 5, I tell Devin that I am going to download the app, Strava, and I did just that. I started making it my mission to take my power back in health. I started hiking again and am about to start my virtual one-on-one fitness with Marissa Leanne. My fitness is very important to me because it helps me feel a form of some relief for Endometriosis. It also helps me keep my mental health in check, especially when I needed it the most during the pandemic. That is one of the main reasons why The Brie Pod even exists. I wanted to help others going through lows that feel alone, that you are not alone. You can still find the light in the middle of chaos--whether that be in life, career, relationships, and health. All of my episodes mean the world to me and are also teaching me lessons that I didn't even know I was going to get from this experience.

As far as my fitness journey goes, we will see what the end of 2021 brings, but I have an app to keep me accountable and a good friend that always inspires me. I am so thankful for having @devinjmccormick in my life!  

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(If you want to be Strava friends my link is

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