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June 30, 2021

Let me introduce myself!

Let me introduce myself!
Hi, My name is Brie and I am the host of the Brie Pod. I wanted to reintroduce myself to all of the new amazing souls that are following, by sharing how the “Brie Pod” came to be.
→ I spell my name like the cheese as a joke. There has always been a bit of a debate on how my nickname is actually spelled. When I discovered The Bella Twins, I knew right then it was perfect to end the debate. B - R - I - E.
I’ve toyed around with the idea of starting a podcast for years because I have been an unofficial mentor and life coach to many of my friends and family. I was not confident in what exactly I would share until around December of 2020 when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis.
To listen to the entire story check out my very first episode:
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