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Feb. 5, 2021

Make mental health/self care a priority

Make mental health/self care a priority

I started a few consultations with counselor's today. 

You might be thinking, why am I sharing something so personal. I am sharing this because our societal norms are expiring. What has been acceptable and not acceptable to discuss needs to evolve. I bring to light my behind-the-scenes to help spread awareness. Awareness of  Endometriosis, IBS, Mental Health, and Anxiety. I know I'm not alone and I want to help people that may be suffering in silence.  It took me 10+ years to finally get a formal diagnosis. 

I am looking for a counselor because endometriosis/IBS has taken over my life in many ways, it is not just physical pain. It can be emotionally draining.  Every day,  I try to better myself than the day before in all aspects of life. In my last blog post, I told you that I neglected my health, but I wasn't just talking about my physical health. I am tired of being a bully to myself and having my inner me try to convince me that: 

1. I am a failure for not being able to have children in this present moment. 

2. I am a failure as a wife because IBS + Endo has reclusive moments in our relationship. 

3. I am afraid to eat because I don't want to be in pain. -- the list goes on... 

Since starting my podcast, I have wanted to spread awareness, help entrepreneurs, and make mental health/self care a priority. For myself, I decided to get a fitness trainer to hopefully bring the physical pain down,  I also needed help with my food intake, because I know if I want to be healthy and get the opportunity to bear children, then I need to eat properly. I am looking for a counselor so, I can shift my mindset on food and the reclusive side of my relationships. 

I don't share any of this for pity, I share this purely to help you see, you are not alone and we will fight our internal battles together. 

Much love, 

Brie (Bri) (Bre)