Unfiltered IV: My give a damn's busted


I feel like every episode gets more and more Unfiltered in this series.

πŸ’› For the longest time, I allowed others to speak for me. I went along with what I was told was okay and not okay to talk about.
πŸ’› To me, a lot of people are hurting because of the lack of communication. The continued sweeping of taboo subjects under the rug and pretending nothing is happening. I have come out about being a victim of abuse, trying to control my life with an eating disorder, and struggling with Endometriosis because I am tired of being quiet. Part of being quiet is what lead me to multiple panic attacks throughout my life, feeling unworthy, and using the E.D. to attempt a form of control of my life.
πŸ’› Have you ever felt suffocated by this pressure? I have and that is why I share my story with you. I have had more healing done in one year than the past 8+ years of keeping it hush-hush.

🚩 This episode might require a censored tag because I am getting candid and sharing it all! -- Brace yourselves πŸ˜‰

//Side note, I am not saying I didn't have support along the way, but I also kept a lot to myself.