Seed Cycling for Hormone Balance


Have you heard of seed cycling and wondered what it was?

Sarah Avery is a Doctor of Physical Therapy ( specialized in Women’s Health and Medical Therapeutic Yoga. Sarah created Moon Cycle Seed Company as a way to share her knowledge and success using natural ways to improve her struggles with women's health issues.

Dr. Sarah Avery helps show you how you can "own your flow" and how seed cycling can make an impact. Seed cycling involves rotating certain types of seeds throughout your menstrual cycle, in order to promote a hormone balance. In a typical menstrual cycle, estrogen levels rise during the first half of the cycle (the follicular phase) and progesterone levels rise during the second half of the cycle (the luteal phase). When these key hormones are imbalanced, it can lead to menstrual irregularities, including breast tenderness, painful periods, acne, and PCOS symptoms.

In this episode, Dr. Sarah Avery shares what inspired her to start seeding -- and shares the many benefits such as, regulating your cycle and balancing hormones.

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