Roaring Lioness Babes: Emotional Intelligence + Energetic Alignment..

Roaring Lioness Babes: Emotional Intelligence + Energetic Alignment are the key elements to mastering success in Business and Life

In this week's episode, we are going to explore the importance of mastering emotional intelligence and how to tune your energetic alignment to have a successful life and business, without having to sacrifice...

Alina Grayson is a High-Performance, Organic Multi Six Figure Life and Business Coach, entrepreneur, Momma, and heart-led optimist that is obsessed with helping people become the person they most desire to be. Alina's coaching is backed by neuroscience and energetics.

After this episode, you will learn how to step in your power and take the lead. Alina leaves our listeners with an exercise to help you start your transformation today.

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I have brought on Priscilla Parent, Spiritual Business Mentor of Tarot Tuesday Tribe as a Co-host to help bring you all of the collective tips and tricks to help with your confidence and bringing back power into your passion/career! We have also invited Mentors, Entrepreneurs, and Spiritual babes to join us and share their resources as well!