Fostering Animals Saves Lives: The Story of Sweet Gus, disabled Great Dane + Black Lab mix

The Brie Pod is all about calling back your power in all aspects of life...

Meet Holly Manley, She has fostered many animals over the years and has helped each one learn what love feels like. Holly's power is helping bring a new life and voice for all of the sweet fur babies that cannot fully speak for themselves.

A little bit about her latest foster baby, Gus': Gus is a Great Dane/Black Lab mix born in April on the outskirts of the Adirondacks, in northern New York. His 12-year-old foster brother, who has Autism, named him Gus after the show Sweet Tooth because both are fighting to survive in this world. Holly took him in on August 4th and since then his life has been full of healing, love, and new adventures. He has always had issues since he started walking, and it has only gotten worse. He now can only stand up and walk if Holly holds him up and supports him or if he uses his wheelchairs. His front end is stronger than his back end and sometimes he can pull himself up and sit on his knees. He cannot control his bladder or move his tail. Due to this, he uses many diapers, pee pads, and wipes. When standing up He cannot lift his head above his shoulders, but when laying down he can easily move his head up high. His skull is misshapen which was most likely due to being pulled on as a newborn. Holly has received help from the ADK Animal coalition, but it doesn't cover everything such as food, toys, supplies, and therapy. In this recorded 'LIVE' episode, you will meet both Holly + Gus, learn more about their story.