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July 14, 2021

Human Design

Human Design

Katie Berigtold [Health + Wellness Educator | Human Design Type: Manifestor] joins me on this episode as my guest host for the day to talk with Meredith Rawlings [Life + Business Coach | Human Design Expert | Human Design Type: Projector] all about...

Katie Berigtold [Health + Wellness Educator | Human Design Type: Manifestor] joins me on this episode as my guest host for the day to talk with Meredith Rawlings [Life + Business Coach | Human Design Expert | Human Design Type: Projector] all about Human Design! //My human design type is also Manifestor🪄

You may be wondering, What is Human Design?
>> The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding. With Human Design you discover what makes you different from everyone else. It offers profound insights into your psychology, along with strategies and techniques for making correct decisions and ultimately leading to a life of more ease and fulfillment.

💫 Meredith is a Certified Human Design expert and ICF Certified Holistic Life Coach and Quantum Energy Coach. Her mission is to help mission-driven CEOs & coaches deactivate their conditioning to collapse time, make more money and fall back in love with the business. Meredith is now accepting clients for the Quantum Alignment Certification, head to her website for more details.
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Brianna Hurteau  0:06  
Welcome to Brie pod. I'm here with special guests Meredith Rawlings, life and business coach and Human Design expert.

Joining me today is my co host for the day, Katie Berigtold, who is a health and wellness educator. Thank you for joining me today. I'm so excited that you were both able to come.

As you know, Meredith is a Human Design expert. And I was thinking why not have to manifest stirs Katie and myself ask you, you know, the questions regarding human design? 

Meredith Rawlings  0:43  
Yeah, I think it's kind of a fun

combination, you guys, kind of coming to your own conclusions and then stumbling upon me afterwards. So it should be interesting to see what questions you guys have and what questions your audience might have. 

Brianna Hurteau  1:02  
Thank you so much. Before we get into our questions, I would love for you to share with us a little bit about yourself.

Meredith Rawlings  1:09  
Well, um, let's see. I am 26. I live in Wilmington, North Carolina. And this is my third year in business. I started out actually teaching. It's funny that Katie is a nutrition expert, because I started out actually teaching, intuitive eating and body image confidence and self love and all that good stuff. And about,

I guess, eight to 10 months ago, I fully pivoted into more of like broad Human Design, coaching, and business coaching and life coaching all together. Because I realized most of my clients were business owners, and we were talking more about their energy and their self concept versus what they're actually eating. And there are plenty of people who can help with that. And I was kind of bored of it. And I was way more interested in what's going on in their brains and their bodies, then what they're eating and how much they're exercising. So that's kind of how I came to do this, I ended up manifesting a certification program through one of my business coaches for free, which was amazing, and then just kind of

ended up meeting all these different people getting in touch with amazing people who just kind of like it's been this catapulting kind of kind of experience, which is exactly what happens theoretically, when you're on the right path. So we're just going with it. And it's been really, really cool. It's been really fun. So that's a little bit about me. Yeah, that's really cool to know, you come from that background. Yeah, it was, um, it was really interesting, because I actually, I was never, I didn't, I don't have a nutrition degree, I don't have any of that it was just fully and this is how I am with human design as well, like, fully my own experience, figured out how to heal my own eating disorders figured out, you know, self taught, you know, how to eat vegetables, and how to balance your hormones with food and all of this stuff. And I just realized I could, you know, I wanted to own my own business. And this is one problem that I was pretty confident I could solve for people. And it was just, it was really cool, because I did

really good at it. Um, so yeah, that's, that's kind of me. But

just trial and error process. Now that I know my human design, that's kind of how I'm supposed to go.

Brianna Hurteau  3:41  
Speaking of which, I'm very curious, what is your human design?

Meredith Rawlings  3:47  
So I'm a projector that's my type and my profile is a four six. And, um, yeah, so that's kind of my my main stuff and I know you guys are both manifester. So it's very different the way we're meant to work. And that was part of why finding human design was such a pivotal point in my development as not only a human but as an entrepreneur because I was working as if I was either a manifester, or generator. I was like trying to go out there and make stuff happen, do it all myself working 12 hours a day, you know, strategy, strategy strategy, when I'm actually designed to work very systematically focus on myself my own learning my own growth, developing myself as an authority and receiving invitations from other people. Which is still something that I I go back and forth like I find myself like today I just got back from vacation. So I'm like fighting the urge to go like, Oh, I need to send messages. I need to do this. I need to go

You know, make this happen. I haven't signed a claim in a couple weeks, I got to go get that make that happen like that. And I got to sit down, I think I'm exhausted. What do I need? What are the priorities? You know, all of these different things, you know, how do I feel? depleted? Like, it's just such a different way of being. And it really changed the way that I run my business. And I don't really burn out as much as I used to. I have my moments, like, today has been a hard day. I'm not gonna lie to you. It's been a hard day. But I know that it's temporary. Whereas in the past, it would have like, push through, and it probably would have been a hard month. Do you see what I'm saying? Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, 

Katie Berigtold  5:40  
really interesting, because Bree and I are both in the entrepreneur world, too. So could you just briefly give us a little snapshot of each type and Human Design, and then maybe just like a couple sentences about how each one might operate in business a little differently? 

Meredith Rawlings  5:55  
Yes, so and for anybody who wants like, more detail on this, I actually have a whole podcast episode on my podcast where I go a little bit deeper into like, the basics of Human Design. I think it's like the third episode, maybe. Um, but yeah, so there are five types. And the types are, are pretty broad, but they're also important because they give us a strategy. And so

the two main things I normally look at when I'm reading someone's chart are their type and their authority first. So the types are manifester manifesting generator, projector, reflector, and generator, just like general generator. So, manifester is what you guys are. So you all have this aura that basically, it's called, like a penetrating aura, see, like, you go out and you're able to act without help from anybody else, essentially. So you have an idea. And you can just go do it. The caveat to that is you want to listen to your authority to make sure that it's the correct action to be taking. So I don't know if you all looked at this, but there's emotional authority splenic, authority, sacral, authority,

self projected lunar, which are reflectors, you all wouldn't be a lunar, and then I feel like I'm missing one. But um, 

Katie Berigtold  7:18  
I'm spleen 

Meredith Rawlings  7:19  
splenic. Okay, so you're actually a really unique example, because splenic is one of the less common ones. So you get like an instant, yes, this is it. And it's like an intuitive knowing where it's just like, yep, this is the thing I'm doing it is not necessarily a gut reaction, that's more of a sacral authority, where you get like a yes or no from your body. The spleen is very intuitive. And it's only one time, it's not going to repeat itself. So you have to be really, really tapped into your body and really tapped into your intuition. But once you get that, yes, it's like, you can just make it happy. You don't have to wait for anybody else. You don't have to ask permission. You don't have to get any influence. Like you're just doing it. And it's happening and it's coming to you. So a lot of people think that manifestos are the only people who can quote manifest things, because it's the name. And that's not true at all. It just means that you all just, you can act a little bit more quickly than other people. And we all know that divine action is really important for the manifestation process. So you all just, there are a couple of steps that you have to wait on.

And if y'all have any questions, please interrupt me. But I'll just because I can just get in the zone and just talk about it. Um, and then so after that, you have generators. Those are I would say, I can't remember the statistics off the top of my head, but they're pretty large manifestos and generators are pretty large portion of the population. generators are the, like worker bees of society, like they, once they get the correct impulse, they are cratering, like they're just getting stuff done, and they can make things happen. The caveat with them is that they want to you want to wait and to respond to an impulse from your external environment. So manifestor is like I said, you just get your own thought, you get the Yes, and then you can do it.

generators are more like you may have a thought. But you want to wait for your authority. And you also want to wait to see if there's anything coming in from your environment that you can say yes or no to. You may see an Instagram ad, you may get a text from somebody you may see the sun has risen today and that dictates how you want to exercise you know what I'm saying? So it's just a little bit different. You want to wait for something to respond to once you get the full yes response.

Then freight train like full steam ahead, there's no stopping them. And then manifesting generators are kind of a combination of the two. And the only thing that really changes for them is their

is a little bit of a an extra bonus step where instead of wanting to respond and then be full steam ahead, it's really important for them to like, dip their toes in and almost like test the waters. So if you were a coach, for example, you have an idea for a program and you're like, holy shit, this is the most amazing thing. The manifester in you wants to just full steam ahead and make the whole plan, put it on kajabi, record all the videos and put it out there, right?

The best thing to do is actually to maybe talk about on your Instagram page and be like, what, who's interested in this? Like, does anybody have questions like what's going on? I feel like, and even if people don't respond, you may get an internal feeling of like, yes, this is this feels so good. And I'm gonna do it. A lot of people,

especially manifesting generators, because they have so much energy, they just do it. And then they get in the middle of it. And you're like, nope, nope, nope, this isn't right. And they want to backtrack, and then that wastes energy. And they feel like a My, my, one of my really good friends is a manifesting generator. And she says, I feel like I was burning my whole business to the ground every couple months. Because she would get in and then she'd be like, Oh, no, this isn't quite right. And then she want to get out. So I have to tell her like, okay, let's just pump the brakes for a second. Chill. And let's actually listen to your intuition. And let's test the waters. And we'll see how it goes. But manifesting generators are so so powerful, and they're just so it's just, it's really cool to see them when they're fully in flow.

And then projectors are only 20% of the population. And we are

essentially waiting to be invited into relationship

with which can feel really frustrating because it it almost puts you in victim hood, if you don't understand what that really means. And I've certainly experienced that.

Because, you know, you can be like, Oh my god, no one's listening. Like, no one's inviting me in anything. No one's asking me any questions, no one wants to hear what I have to say. And what it actually means is that you can put out little invitations for yourself as well. So today, I was feeling like I was in that mode of like, God, no one cares. Like, I was really in my patterns, and my conditioning. And so I was like, Okay, so how can I invite people in to talk to me today, because that will make me feel better, I'll feel seen that's like what projectors want is to feel recognized.

And so I put out little polls on my Instagram story. I was like, What do you need help with? And what's what's your biggest issue? Is it making money? Or is it keeping money? And do you find it easier to create relationships or business success, and that really made me feel like, oh, there's still people out there that are actually listening to me, and they want to hear what I have to say. Or else they wouldn't have answered these polls. So they're like little tricks that you can do.

And then reflectors are 1% of the population. And they are, if you look at their human design chart, they have no centers defined, it's all undefined, which means that they absorb everything from their environment. So who they are and what they like. And what they want to do can change every single day. If they're out of alignment, like if they're not in an environment that's fully supportive of their gifts and who they are.

So that can be really challenging. One of my clients is a reflector. And she's very, very sensitive, like she was moving a couple weeks ago. And she was like, I just knew I was gonna be a total disaster. And I was just prepared for that, like, I was exhausted, and I was tired. And so I had to communicate that with my her, not her husband, her boyfriend, she's like, I had to communicate that and I had to fully be in my feminine and let him take the reins on all of these things. And I had to be okay with just resting. While there were so many things to do. So there's just like a whole strategy of like, you really do just have to take care of yourself. And then a couple days later, she was like, Oh, this is perfect. This whole house feels amazing. I'm on fire she made like she got a new job out of nowhere is paying for more and like more aligned and all this stuff. So it's just very much like

understand your environment, take it at your own pace. And for big decisions for reflectors, you're their lunar authority. So it's best to

wait for the whole like 28 days to make really, really big decisions.

But I feel like there's a caveat with that as well. Because having worked with her obviously she's not going to wait a whole 28 days to decide if she's going to buy a house right because it's not you can't do that in this market.

So it was more like she did. She took a poll 28 days to decide what kind of house she wanted, where she wanted it to be how much land she wanted to have the vibe of the house, all

bedrooms, she let let herself have time to decide what she wanted there. So that when it came up in her field, she was like, Oh, that's it. I know. That's it. And I can act on it right now. Does that make sense? It's kind of hard to explain all the different stuff really quickly. But that's in a nutshell, what what everybody does?

Brianna Hurteau  15:21  
I think it makes perfect sense. Honestly, with what we have so far.

It's very interesting how the approaches for doing something or saying yes, for each design. And I'm curious, like, after you got into human design?Do you feel that that helped a lot with coaching in business?

Meredith Rawlings  15:50  
Yeah, absolutely. Because I was able to tailor it to each person individually. And it's almost like it helped me use certain language for certain clients like, like, I know, if I'm, for example, if you're a generator, I know you have a tendency to do certain things like that's your conditioned way of being like you think you have to do this, you think you have to do that. And so I can recognize their patterns really quickly, first of all, and I can use a little bit of language that might trigger them in different ways.

And it just gives me an insight into what's going on with them. And what I really love to use Human Design for is not even just the readings, which I do offer. And it's fun, and it's good to know about yourself, and, and how you work and what your energy says and all these things. But the best thing about it is that if you look at your chart, you have

nine different centers in your body, that pretty much correspond with the chakra system. And based on if you have those centers defined or undefined, you're most likely to experience certain condition patterns. Because if you have an undefined, then you're really susceptible to other people's conditioning.

And so that's usually where you feel really weak. So I can look at your chart, for example, brown and be like, Oh, my God, she has an open heart center, she's definitely feel struggles with some self worth. She's not good enough. Nothing she ever does is good enough, like dah, dah, dah, dah. And I can know that just looking at you right there. So I know.

If you're having trouble, you know, you've with imposter syndrome. Like, Oh, I know exactly why that is. And let's get in there right now and train decondition that.

So it makes it a lot easier. And it empowers the client to say, Oh, I know, this is just my undefined my undefined heart center, or my undefined throat center, whatever it may be. And it kind of helps you just disregard that voice. Like just be like, that's not actually me. I'm obviously absorbing this from someone else. And I can just let that go. Right. So like, for me, I was just talking to my mom about this. We just went for a walk. And

she was asking me she was like, so what kind of mindset work have you been doing lately? Because I know you you've been kind of experiencing a lot of

kind of ups and downs. And I was like, yeah, that's just kind of what happens. Like you have a big expansion. Everything feels like it's going really well. And then for a couple days, you're like, Oh my god, I can't do this. This is terrible. I feel like shit. Like, that's just kind of how it goes. And it gets shorter and shorter. I don't know if you guys have experienced that, too. But everyone I've observed, I've seen that.

Yeah, okay. It's not just me. Um, yeah, so I've been, I've been doing all this work around, you know, why am I afraid of actually having what I want? What is it that I'm scared of? Why do I think you know, to do that, and it always comes back to I'm not good enough? not worthy. I don't do enough. I'm not smart enough. I'm not cool. It just always comes back to that. And I have to accept that I'm always gonna feel like that. And I have to just get over it. And that's kind of what this whole day I'm like, Well, how do I do that? You know, I can tell other people how to do it all day long. But for some reason. It's just, it's just really funny. Like, I just know, that's part of who I am. And I just have to constantly be like, okay, we're done with that. We're done with that. We're done with that. So anyway, that's how I use it for coaching.

Katie Berigtold  19:21  
That's amazing. I'm curious, too, if you had any personal shifts when you learned human? Because I know just learning about it a little bit and talking with you today, like a big revelation for me was that my energy kind of ebbs and flows and that's okay.

Because I was in a job previously, where I would get scheduled for 1011 hour days and just be completely wrecked. I mean, yes, the entire weekend after working that way all week. But yeah, I looked around at my co workers and they seemed fine for the most part. So it kind of left me in a space of really judging myself like What's wrong with me? Why can't I just pull these 11 hour days like

It's nothing like they do. Um, so that was one really profound shift. And the other was what you mentioned earlier, my my splenic authority was really huge for me, because another thing that I did kind of based on how my family did things growing up is really overthink decisions. Like got super mental, like pro con list almost. And it would always leave me drained and depleted and honestly never with a good answer at the end of it after all that thinking. So it was really empowering to learn that I'm just meant to make decisions a little bit differently than people did around me when I was growing up. So those are just kind of some of the biggest ones I've had. But I'm curious if you have any, like big aha, as you were learning it, too. 

Meredith Rawlings  20:44  
Oh, yeah, I had actually really similar ones to you. So I would imagine based on what you just said that you have an undefined sacral center?

Katie Berigtold  20:52  
 I do. 

Meredith Rawlings  20:52  
Yeah. Yeah. So that was a really big one for me. Because even when I was little, my best friend growing up, actually, her whole family pretty much were just machines, they could run on no sleep. They went from gymnastics, to baseball, to school to camping, like they would just go, and I would just tank I could not hang I was so tired. And I conditioned myself and trained myself to be one of those people that just goes and goes and goes and goes. And then I would completely crash and burn. And just like three days of Don't talk to me. I'm vegging out. I'm eating crap. And I'm not like that's it. And so what I realized was, Oh, no. And my boyfriend now is a generator. So he's that way too. He can work for like 48 hours straight and be pumped, and like he's tired at the end. But like, the whole time, he's like, God, this is awesome. And he knows nothing about any of this. But he knows he's a generator. Like, I'll tell you, I'm the generator. Okay, that's great. Good job. And so yeah, that was a big thing for me, because I was trying to run my business like that. For the first six to seven months, when I started, I was working 12 hour days, I was doing all the strategy, I was just hustling, grinding. And I was exhausted, I was sick, I was miserable. I was not enjoying it. I was making some money. And I didn't it like didn't matter. Like I realized the high of making, you know, however much money a month wasn't cutting it for me. And so that made a really big difference for me. So if I can

work for four hours a day, and I feel complete, and I feel that satisfied emotion of like, Okay, this is good for today, then I can move on. And I give myself permission for that. And I don't need to be working the whole day. Right? So I took about three hours before this recording for the for this meeting. Because it's 7pm. And I don't need to be working from 9am to 8pm. Right? So I'm like, Okay, well, I can work for a couple hours in the morning, I can touch base in the afternoon. And then I can do this reporting. And that can be all today. That's fine. And it also it just gives you so much permission to be like, Oh, no, I can be super efficient. And I also can outsource things. And I can also say no to things. So just gives you a lot of permission to do that. And then as far as the authority thing, I'm actually an emotional authority, which does not mean that I make emotional decisions, it means that I actually need to wait for my emotions to even out so that I'm at a neutral emotional point. And then I'll get some clarity. Clarity never feels like clarity. It either feels like expansive or contracting. I never get like a bolt of lightning like this is the thing. There's always like, this could be this could not be it. This could be a huge mistake. Should I really give her $10,000? But I don't know. But that's how I'm supposed to make decisions. Whereas my mom was always like, Well, do you have a gut instinct? What's your gut feeling? I was like, I don't even know what you mean, that makes no sense to me at all. And then when I was looking, I was like, Oh, that's because she's a sacral authority, and she gets that gut instinct. And I don't have that. So I get like a emotional, achy feeling. It's very different. So it just totally changed the way that I give myself permission to do things. And it also. I don't know, it just I felt like even though some people feel like when they look at their human design, it might feel restricting to be like, Oh, well, if I'm this and I can't do this, if this is how I'm built, then I can't do that. And it's really, actually really freeing because you still have permission to be whoever you want to be. It's just it gives you clarity on why certain things may not work for you or why certain things may feel icky or why it works for her and it doesn't work for me, because we really are all different. And I have friends who are manifestos with an emotional authority or generators which with an emotional authority, and the way that they think and the way that they operate is total totally different than me. And it's it kind of helps level the playing field in a way. Because we all have our roles, we all have our ways of thinking and ways of doing things. And there's value in all of it. And that really kind of opened my eyes like, Oh, I don't have to do it the way that they're doing it. And they're probably struggling with things that I don't know about. So I don't need to envy them at all, because that was a big thing for me, as well as very much in comparison, when I first started. It's like, all of my eating disorder behavior just like transferred to my business. So I used human designing, can I decondition, all of that stuff was like, Oh, this is all the same. Wow, this is crazy. And then the last thing that really changed for me was, um, so there's a part of your chart that is

called your incarnation cross, which gives you a little insight into your purpose, like kind of why you're here. You can look at the gates that you have in your astrology placements as well to go like way, way deeper and all that. But the Incarnation cross gives you a little snippet. And my incarnation cross is the right angle cross attention, which basically means that I'm here to trigger people. And I am a huge people pleaser, and I like to be sweet and happy and smile at everybody. And I want everybody to be happy and love themselves and love me. And I'm actually supposed to trigger people. That's just what I'm supposed to do. So I was actually talking to my mom about that earlier is like, I think I've gotten back into people pleasing a lot lately, and I need to not care if I upset people. And because if I upset them and they're triggered, then they're probably going to change, like, that's a catalyst for them to transform. And that's ultimately what what I'm here to do is to help people transform and elevate themselves. And so yeah, that was a really big one for me. But it triggered me Actually, I was like, Oh, I don't want to do that. I want everyone to be happy. And I want them to love themselves. And like, Yeah, I do. And that's how I do it is by triggering them. And then we love on them. And then we trigger them, and then we love on them. And so it's just this that was really, really cool for me to experience. And I'm still navigating what exactly that looks like, and opening up that part of my personality. Because that's not something that our society values our society once girls to be sweet and take care of everybody and just, you know, that kind of thing. So, yeah, absolutely.

Brianna Hurteau  27:25  
Thank you for sharing that. Because I know like Katie was saying, when you learn about your own design, there are certain things you do. My husband is a manifester, as well, and he'll get up and just walk away. We will be like in the grocery store sometimes, and he will leave without saying anything. And Katie and I were talking about this and how it's actually a trade of a manifester to go and not think about it. So I do agree with you, when you start, when you start to learn about your traits, and you learn those things about yourself, it definitely starts to shift. And I told Katie as well, but it's like the ocean and our energy comes in like the waves with the ebbs and the flows. And so I'll go and do a project and I'll be really energized and then I'll get really tired right after.

Meredith Rawlings  28:13  
Oh, yeah, absolutely. And you got to be okay with that. And you also start recognizing, it really helps with setting boundaries, because you start recognizing people who have mostly it's people who have a lot of definition. So like their sacral center is defined their emotional centers to find like all that stuff. If you have your sacral center, especially undefined, you'll feed off that and you'll be stoked while you're with them. So like projectors, manifestos reflectors are the most excited people at Tony Robbins, and they're absolutely fucking killing it. And they're just the life of the party, and then they get home. And for two weeks, they're completely dead. worthless, right? Because we're feeding off their energy and we crash. So I realized I have friends that I schedule time with them specifically when I can crash afterwards. Because they have so much energy, that when I get out of that energy, I'm like, well, we're done. Right?

Brianna Hurteau  29:12  

Meredith Rawlings  29:13  
it really helps with relationships, it really helps with business partnerships, I've done a lot of readings for business partnerships, just to see like, Oh, this is how you can leverage her guests. And this is how you can recognize if she's in this pattern, and she's going to be really, really good at this. And you're gonna be really, really good at this. So why don't you all just make sure that you stay in your own lane kind of thing. And it's same with relationships in general, like, if you know that your husband is a certain way, it helps you accept it and be like, Oh, this is just kind of the way it is. And I can communicate that I need something to change. And if he slips up again, I'll know like, Oh, this is just, he's just, uh, you know, he's just has an undefined splenic center and like, that's just how it goes. Like, whatever. It is.

Brianna Hurteau  30:01  

Katie Berigtold  30:03  
Yeah, the example she was giving. So for manifester, is the strategy is to inform, right? Yeah. And that was actually really profound in my relationship, because I did do the kind of things you just said where I would like make plans or go and do things and not tell anybody. Yeah. I told you Yeah, like, well, we're going, did you not know? Exactly, yeah. And you'd be gone. And like, where I was later, he'd be like, Where are you doing what's happening right now? So yeah, that was a really profound shift for us. He's a generator. He just kind of letting him know. And you know, like, I heard someone say that it's really not about asking for permission. It's just about the informing Yes. And really just letting him know what I'm up to, and when has been a really profound shift for us.

Meredith Rawlings  30:52  
Yeah. And that's really a big one. Because it's not about asking permission. And I'm really glad you brought that up. Because I think a lot of people, if they're still in a people pleasing condition pattern, they hear that and that immediately goes to Oh, well, let me just make sure it's okay with him. No, no, that's not it, it's, I'm telling you for my sake. Because often, if I tell you, this is my plan, I'll get a download for something to change, or maybe that doesn't feel good anymore. Or, or it just makes me feel really good that I'm expressing myself. And communication is always good in relationship. And so he's gonna feel like he was in the know. And that's just good for the state of affairs in general. And that's, that's a, it's just all about being in that strategy that works for you, projectors, or have a similar thing where, you know, it's best for us to be invited into relationship. And so I see a lot of, you know, feminists, people and coaches and things like that saying, well, just go ask a guy out, just go do it, like walk up to him and ask him out. I'm all for feminism. I love it. I think if you want to ask guys out, and that feels great to you, or girls, or whatever, feels great. Go for it. I have never once wanted to walk up to a guy at a bar. Because that doesn't, that's not what I do. What I do is I'll put out my own little energetic invitations and like, do the Uptown look. And I'm like, fat, my eyelashes like that, to me is an invitation. And then if he comes over and talks to me, awesome. And same thing with all these really big relationship milestones. You know, if I'm the one asking, like I, this is not where I am right now. But if I was in a situation where I was like, well, I want to get married, when are we going to get married? That is so icky. For me, that's so out of alignment, the better thing to do would be like, Well, have you thought about this? I would love to talk about it and hear your opinion. And then he's like, Well, you know, I have thought about it. And actually, I was gonna ask you next week, like, Oh, sweet, awesome. Like, now we're all on the same page, I'm prepared, like, I'm going to be invited in this amazing relationship. And we can move forward, and everyone feels good. Because when I'm asked into something I feel recognized, and I feel special. And that's all I want. Right? So it's just really, it's just really important too. Because as a generator, my boyfriend, for example, likes to respond to things. So if I say, Hey, what do you think about this, then he gets to respond, and he feels really engaged. And it feels like a yes for him. So it's all just really interesting. if everybody's in their own strategy and actually working it, everything kind of just works really, really smoothly. Because everyone feels seen and everyone feels engaged the way that they're meant to. It helps a ton with relationships.

Katie Berigtold  33:43  
Yeah, that's a mean for sharing. Yeah. I don't get

Meredith Rawlings  33:48  
to talk about that a whole lot in public, I mostly talk about like, you know, business strategy and things like that. But it's really interesting to see how everything starts clicking when you're doing it all the way you're meant to. And that's where we need to be selfish and like, it's okay to do that and work on yourself. Even if it takes some time. And maybe you let other things slide for a little while. It's just kind of what you got to do to figure it out.

Brianna Hurteau  34:15  
I actually love that about you. I've been following you for a bit since Sam Katie shared your profile of me. And I love that you're a thought like it is person, for example, with the norms. You know, we think we need to work 50 hours a week as entrepreneurs, and we need to die until we get it done. But I've noticed you're like, No, no, we don't need to do that. And I really appreciate that about you because we need more of that. And just you know, standing firm in ourselves.

Meredith Rawlings  34:44  
Well said and I do try to be honest, because I think a lot of people paint a really rosy picture, especially if you're quote unquote, a business coach. You are selling this idea that you know, everyone can make six figures and every One can, and it's so easy and everything. And it's not, if you're going to actually do it and it's going to be sustainable, you're actually setting the foundation for your business that's going to work for you for the rest of your life. It's hard work to regulate yourself to decondition all this stuff. It's not easy. And that's why I was thinking before we got on the call, I was like, Am I gonna tell them how much I've struggled today? I was like, Yeah, I am. I've had a horrible day I've been so up in my head, I've been in victim mode, I have been bitching, I have been so upset. And this is what like, I have to tell people, because if everyone thinks that my life is perfect, and rosy, and I never struggle with anything, then I'm just totally out of out of my own authenticity. And that's something that's so important to me. And I get so tired of watching these people on social media, especially being like, everything is beautiful, and roses and rainbows, and I just do my meditation. And I feel gorgeous and beautiful every day. And money just flows to me like no, sometimes it's not like that. And we have to be okay with that. Because I think we make ourselves wrong for having bad days. Just because you have a bad day or a bad week, even a bad month, doesn't mean that you're off the wagon. And this is where I'm sure Katie, you you understand this, like people get it's like a diet almost with the manifestation and the mindset work. Like No, this is just if you can be consistent over time, you're gonna have bad days, just like everything else. But if you stay the course, and you believe in the system that you've created for yourself, then that's all you can do. And don't make yourself bad for having a bad day or make yourself wrong. And that Yeah, I think that's something that's probably the most important thing to me is to make sure that everybody understands, like, even when you're working your strategy, and even when you're doing everything, right, you're gonna have bad days, it's gonna feel really hard. And that's okay. You just have to double down at that point. And, you know, stay, stay. Remember who you are, and stay the course and why you're here.

Katie Berigtold  37:09  
Yeah, no, I love that. And that's a powerful analogy with the diets actually. Yeah, it's so similar. Isn't it crazy. And another similarity I see too, is I don't know if you agree with this or not, but diets too. I mean, a lot of, you know, coaches, nutritionists, etc, are kind of out there pushing one approach to like everyone has, again, everyone needs to be broken needs to be keto. And I see similarities between diet and Human Design with that, too. We're like, it's really not one size fits all for either. And if you try that approach, you might be might work it out for a month or two. But then something's probably going to crash and burn and it's not going to be a sustainable way of being for you.

Meredith Rawlings  37:49  
Yeah. Oh, yeah. It's It's so funny how similar it is. And it's because the, the conditioning is what causes those problems. So we think all or nothing, we think I'll start Monday, we think, well, I messed up. So I'd have to just give up, we think there's one way to do it, we think, oh, she's doing it, then I can't do it. That's all conditioning, or I'm not good enough. I'm not skinny enough. I'm not whatever. And that's all conditioning. And so if you get to that root problem, which is you believe the story that your conditioning is telling you, then all of the other stuff is going to be resolved. And so helping people with their body image and all that stuff really helped because I was doing Human Design. Even when I was doing that. It helped me kind of decode like, Oh, this is why you think you need to dye it. It's because this, this and this, and it's manifesting in this way. So I've been teaching this for years, I just officially started saying that I've been teaching it for like six months. So it's really funny. Like, he was like, Oh my god, this is so different. Like, no, it's not. I've been teaching my clients this for years. I'm just packaging it in a different way. I was like drawing them in with like, body image and just the diets that did that. And now I'm like, no tired of that. Same stuff, though. It's so funny. So I'll have clients you're like, Okay, well, now the money is taken care of, but my friendships are exploding like great. Same, same indicators, same mechanism. So we just do the process again. Okay, now my money is fucked up again. Okay, let's go back in there. You know, it's just like it just transfers and it's all the same conditioning your whole life gets easier in the voice gets quieter. But yeah, it's it's so funny how it all works.

Brianna Hurteau  39:40  
are bringing up conditioning. That is that I feel like it's plastered in our faces all over social media, like you were saying earlier is it's so bad where there are people around me that are like, I want to give up like it's like no, we don't have to give up. This is human side. So I really do appreciate you coming out into each aspect of that. Because people need to get that?

Meredith Rawlings  40:16  
I think so. I think so. And I think it's something that people kind of dance around. But again, like everyone wants to paint such a rosy picture. And we want it all to be easy and pretty and just manifest $100,000. And there's a lot of work that you probably need to put in to do that. And it doesn't have to be super painful and horrible. And it doesn't have to take years and years. But you're you got to address some stuff. Because if you, if you don't have what you want, then there's some reason why you're not letting yourself have it. And the conditioning is a really good place to look to see. Okay, why do I not want this for some reason? You know?

Katie Berigtold  40:55  
Yeah, I mean, I know we're wrapping up here. And this is not necessarily a brief topic question. Because I know you mentioned like the undefined sacred was a really good example. But then I have a defined throat center. Yeah, for a lot of my life, I felt pretty shut down. And like it was hard to use my voice and I think breeze had a similar experience. So can you just speak a little more on conditioning in general?

Meredith Rawlings  41:24  
Yeah. So it's, it's really interesting, because your undefined centers are a really good place to look for where you have conditioned patterns. Like I said, the sacral authority, you know, I associate that with like effort, and pushing through and hustling and all that stuff. The throat center is generally like feeling like you can be heard and you're safe to speak, and people pay attention to you, which I have totally undefined. So that's like, one of the biggest things that I'm here to learn is like, people are listening, and I need to stop assuming they're not kind of thing. And also not to speak when you're not invited to speak. I didn't realize I had that problem. But then I saw my human design. And I was like, Oh, my God, I didn't interject myself and a lot of conversations, and I'm not really invited into why do i do that. Um, so yeah, it can be an indication. But even if you have it defined doesn't mean that you don't have conditioning in that area. And so if you felt like you were shut down, and you couldn't express yourself, it was probably just just a product of your environment, you know, you were told a certain thing, or you saw behaviors modeled through other people, or people just had a general air of like, children or to be seen and not heard something like that. And so as soon as you can recognize it, part of it is getting down to the root of where did that come from, and doing some inner child work around it, maybe. And then some of it is just like, telling that ego voice, that conditioning to just stop. Like, that's not reality. And I appreciate you for trying to keep me safe, because that's what kept me safe, and kept me in the group and all of the evolutionary things that we need to do to survive. But I don't need that anymore. And it's really just reaffirming that over and over. And I used to use this with my clients with eating disorders. And it's, it's the same thing is, you know, name that voice that says, Don't say anything, they don't want to hear from you. Give it a name, like one of my clients named Chad, because she was like, I'll never listen to a guy named Chad ever. Like, there's anyone named Chad listening. I'm sorry. But like, She's like, I would just tell him to fuck right off. And so that's what she named him. And every time it came up, she's like, nope, and she still does it when she's running her business. Now she's like, okay, the voice that says, you're not good enough, no one's gonna hire you. Okay, you can leave now. You can leave now. And so it's just kind of a combination of all of that stuff. And I'm actually about to launch a group program that's going to address all of these things and like, how to do it step by step and how to just keep continually doing it so that you don't need to. I feel like we all feel like we need to invest in new programs and learn new things over and over. But my goal with this is so that you have a process and you just apply the process every time something comes up with your conditioning. So yeah, I'm just kind of putting together everything I've learned into a program and letting everybody have access. I talked about it a lot. And I realized I'm not teaching it which is so dumb, like, why am I not? Why am I not teaching this to everybody? So yeah,

Brianna Hurteau  44:39  
that sound for me. When will you be offering this

Meredith Rawlings  44:44  
so it is coming out in July. I haven't picked an official date. I'm waiting till I have to wait until I might have like an emotional neutral amount of low today. Tomorrow. I'll probably be that high and then maybe by Wednesday, we'll be at a neutral and I can make a decision but It's coming out in July. I'm very sad that it's coming out in July. And I think I'm going to teach it live the first time. So anybody who enrolls in it now, it's going to be taught, like as we go, because I can feed off your energy, which is another thing like in the past, I would have tried to create the whole program and then sell it. And now I know I work best when I can feed off the energy of the people in the group, and create as I go. So the people who get in now are going to have a really special experience, it's going to be kind of tailored specifically to you guys. So yeah, I'm going to do that in July, and I'll make sure it's all over my Instagram and everything, website, all that stuff. So it'll be July.

Brianna Hurteau  45:43  
So before we go, I would love for you to share your social media platforms and how our guests can find you. Oh, yes. So

Meredith Rawlings  45:52  
my Instagram is where I hang out the most. It's at underscore Meredith Rawlings. I have a podcast that you can find through that link in the bio. And I also have a website Meredith Rowling's Comm. And that's where you can go if you want to book a Human Design reading. Or if you want to read about the other programs that I have. I have, I think one or two openings for private coaching, if you want to just go ahead and do that. Um, yeah.

Brianna Hurteau  46:23  

Katie Berigtold  46:24  
Thank you so much. This was incredible. I enjoyed this. So so much, and your knowledge is amazing. And I definitely echo what Bri said, I love that you just tell it like it was so valuable for every thank you for being so real. It's it's really nice to see that level of authenticity from someone.

Meredith Rawlings  46:42  
Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. Because I did I had that debate. I was like, Am I gonna sell out and pretend like everything's cool? Or am I gonna be honest and tell him I'm having a bad day. But I'm really glad this I think this is such good timing, because I feel so much better now. Like, I feel like you guys helped me come up and be like, Oh, man, I do know what I'm talking about. This is so fun. I don't want to quit. This is great. So this is perfect timing.

Brianna Hurteau  47:10  
Before you go, I just had one more question. What is your podcast called? I would love for our audience to be able to follow you.

Meredith Rawlings  47:19  
So it's called designed and aligned. And it's on Spotify. And it's so it's designed and then the plus sign aligned, which I think if you type into you'll find it anyway. But yeah,

Brianna Hurteau  47:33  
perfect. Yeah, I'll definitely check it out. I'm excited. Thank you. Well, thank you for joining me today. And as many of you know that are listening. I like to end this with my beautiful affirmation. So with that, you are loved. You are worthy. You are cherished. I am proud of you. Until next time, on the free pod


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